Misconceptions about love

Half-truths and false ideas

Source: Flickr.com

Source: Flickr.com

1. Love at first sight: of courseit may happen, but many examples prove that we can start liking a person we have known for a long time, but he or she has become lovelier over time.

2. You can forget about your worries if your beloved one is beside you: at the beginning of a relationship our problems may seem easier; however, troubles can arise within a relationship, and the solution to these is much more difficult to find.

3. My soul mate is the love of my life: not entirely true. Much more often, a soul mate is a close friend you can share your relationship problems with.

4. Love can be complete only in a marriage: if you confront difficult issues in your relationship, a wedding and a marriage license won’t solve them.

5. Life is terrible for singletons: it is much better to stay single than live in an unhappy relationship. Besides, if you choose to stay single for a while, you may give yourself the chance to find true love.

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