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Miracle cereals for health

Due to their rich fiber content, cereals are our valiant allies that grant a good digestion, and, in combination with liquids, they are a great addition to detoxifying cures. Also, they may be used as ingredients in various homemade remedies.

Source: Wikipedia.org
Source: Wikipedia.org

Wheat stimulates the immune system

Wheat grains are an abundant source of nutritive ingredients such as vitamins, minerals and proteins; a wheat cure prevents arthritis, reduces cravings for sweets and alcohol, strengthens hair roots and ameliorates eyesight. When a wheat cure lasts for more than three months, it strengthens the immune system and the body becomes more resistant to illnesses. Wheat germ cure prevents anemia, and it has the capacity to help the body recover faster after a surgical intervention.

  • Preparation

Place 200 g of wheat in a pot and wash it thoroughly. Set the pot apart, and change the water every 8 hours, making sure not to touch the grains. After three days, the roots and stems will appear on the seeds. When these grow to 2 mm, put the grains in a strainer and wash them again under running water. Eat four teaspoonful of wheat germs mixed with honey every day before breakfast

  • Warning

Wheat germs are not recommended for women who struggle with abundant menstruation.

Source: Katie Taylor/Flickr.com
Source: Katie Taylor/Flickr.com

Oats regulate arterial tension

Oats are among the foods richest in magnesium and vitamin B3, a combination that helps reduce arterial tension and the amount of “bad” cholesterol, thus also reducing the risk for a heart stroke. Oats are beneficial in cases of depression and chronic pain, as they contain a substance similar to melatonin, which is responsible for boosting the physical and psychical vitality of the body. In addition, oats have an antibacterial effect, eliminating bad breath

  • Preparation

Wash the seeds several times, and leave them in water overnight to soak. To one part of oats add three parts of liquid (water or soup), and boil it until the consistency becomes that of a pilaf or a creamy paste. If needed, more water is added during the cooking.

Oat helps with kidney stones

One of the few cereals that can be consumed raw, oats may be efficient for persons who suffer from sands or stones in their gall bladder or kidneys; oats are also recommended if somebody suffers from diabetes or hepatitis. In cases of asthenia, over-exertion or accentuated sleepiness, an oat cure functions as an adjuvant that can be used in combination with a usual treatment, offering an extra boost of energy. However, the most important attribute of oat flakes is the high fiber content that curbs appetite, stimulates digestion and offers a sensation of fullness for a prolonged time.

  • Preparation

Oat flakes may be consumed unprocessed with tea or yogurt as a healthy breakfast, which will charge our batteries with energy for the entire day. If you don’t like them raw, you can boil them in water or milk for 20 minutes to make a pudding.

  • Warning

Cereals contain gluten, which makes them off limits for persons who are intolerant to this substance.