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It matters how we consume honey – 14 golden rules you should pay attention to

Centuries ago, our ancestors recognized the beneficial effects of honey and used it as a very effective cure.

Medicine today also uses honey in many form and combinations, but few people know about golden rules related to honey. It helps to be aware of these rules and follow them.

Here are the 14 golden rules of consuming honey:

1. The best and most effective solution is to sweeten your tea with honey instead of sugar.

2. If you eat honey, you should not swallow it immediately; keep it in the mouth for a few seconds and swallow it afterwards.

3. Honey can cure almost all kinds of illnesses, so it can serve as a quick and natural cure for any disease.

4. Adults’ daily dose of honey is 100 grams, which should be divided into smaller portions during the day.

5. Children’s daily dose is 30 grams, which should be consumed in 3 portions. A honey cure followed for about 2 months can do real miracles with our body. After two months it is recommended to take 15 days off and repeat the treatment. Thus, children will be more resistant to viruses, and their immune system will grow stronger.

6. Honey is quickly and easily absorbed in the stomach and the intestines, so the useful ingredients are also quickly absorbed.

7. Honey should not be heated up; it may be placed into liquids no hotter than 40° C, but when mixed in a very liquid, it will lose its healing power.

It matters how we consume honey - 14 golden rules you should pay attention to

8. Older honey becomes solid, but this doesn’t mean that it is no longer good. On the contrary, this is evidence that the honey is genuine.

9. Drinking lemonade with honey can have a much better effect on the body than consuming plain water.

10. In case of a disease (viral infection, influenza, colds, etc.), children’s daily dose is three times a teaspoon of honey, and for adults three times a tablespoon.

11. Persons suffering from hypoacidity and have problems with digestion should eat a small spoonful of honey before each meal.

12. Those who produce too much stomach acid, should consume a small spoonful of honey after each meal, in which case honey can control the acid-base balance.

13. Honey has a certain shelf-life.

14. Honey can lose its beneficial properties in two cases: if it is stored unsealed, and if its temperature rises over 40° C.