How to manage to live in a 9 square meter apartment!

Many of us couldn’t even imagine our lives in an apartment smaller than 100 square meters. But the average size of an apartment is not more than 80 square meters, and some people even need to make do in apartments much smaller than that.

Felice Cohen lives in Manhattan, the center of one of the most expensive cities in the world. And, believe it or not, her home is a nine-square-meter micro-studio apartment, 3.70 meters long and 2.15 meters wide, including the bathroom. Despite living in such a tiny apartment, Felice pays $700 a month.

The video below walks you through the woman’s apartment. She shows every little nook and corner, and explains her furnishing strategy. The apartment is really awfully small (definitely not recommended for people suffering from claustrophobia), but it is very functionally furnished with the basic necessities.

There are a whole lot of practical solutions applied, which can come handy to those who, like her, must accommodate themselves in very small living spaces.

Could you live in such a minuscule apartment?

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