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This man has spent the last three years building this vehicle, and the result is absolutely amazing

Even the oldest vehicles and means of transportation can be remodeled and they may become useful in some other way; the creativity involved in such remodelling often leaves us speechless. The man in the video turned a steam locomotive into an unusual grill.


Steven Califf, a retiree from Rockford, was inspired to modify a steam locomotive into a barbecue, to be able to prepare a traditional meal of barbecued steaks. Like many steam locomotives, this one is also fueled by wood, but instead of moving from place to place, now it sits in Steven’s backyard, being as useful as can be again.

Steven worked on this invention for three years, and after he was finally ready, he asked his wife, Janet, to capture the results in a video. In this video, he explains how the barbecue works. He tells the principle of operation of the furnace, and shows the place where the fire is burning; he demonstrates how to activate the valves that release excess steam and shows all the other compartments of the former locomotive.

The only remaining question is whether the neighbors may become a little jumpy when they hear the shrill sound of the bell, or they will be enticed by the fragrant smell of the steaks on the grill.