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How to make Vitamin C powder at home!

Vitamin C is indispensable in every season. This water soluble vitamin is found in nature, so in order to fill up our body with vitamin C it is enough to eat lots of fruit and vegetables. However, it is important to pay attention to what we eat and how much of it.

Vitamin C is a valuable ally in fighting various diseases such as influenza, colds and various infections. Also, vitamin C has a great role in regenerating tissues and fighting free radicals. In order to ensure the optimal functioning of the body, it is very important to always have an intake of the necessary amount of vitamin C.

How to make Vitamin C powder at home!
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The vitamin C preparation presented below is unique because the body can use it with 100% effectiveness. For preparing it, all you need is peels of citrus fruits such as orange, lemon, lime or grapefruit. You can mix the peels of various citrus fruits. It is extremely important to use organic fruit only.

After you have eaten the fruit, dry the peels in the oven and crush them into powder in a blender. Store the powder in a completely dry, sealed container. 1 tablespoon citrus peel powder contains twice as much vitamin C as the flesh of the fruit.

How to make Vitamin C powder at home!
Photo: ONEjive.com

Consume 1 tablespoon dried citrus peels per day. You can mix the powder in fruit smoothies, yogurt, or simply a glass of water.