How to make a fashionable beanie out of an old pullover

Sometimes when you look through your closet, you might realize that you haven’t worn some of your old pullovers for ages. Maybe there is a stubborn stain on some, or maybe there they are not fashionable anymore. Whatever the reason is, they just sit in in your closet and take up space. However, you can reuse these old pullovers, turning them into something very cool. 

How to make a fashionable beanie out of an old pullover

Photo: Capture YouTube

Andrea’s Choice is a YouTube user who shows us how to transform old pullovers into very fashionable beanies. This is a fun and easy project and can be a very good way to save money. A beanie can also be a perfect gift for your beloved.

What you will need

  • Scissors
  • A pullover
  • Needle and thread or a glue gun

The procedure

All you need to do is to cut your pullover as shown in the video below. Then fold a rectangular piece in three equal parts, cut the upper part in a dome shape and glue or sew the ends together. Follow the steps shown in the video. Don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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