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How to make crambled eggs in the shell

Have you ever thought that a boiled egg can be completely yellow? If not, you should try out the unique method shown in the video, and you will be convinced. If you want to impress your friends with an uncommon snack, you could make sandwiches with uniformly yellow egg slices using this quick and easy trick.

Source: HandiMania/YouTube
Source: HandiMania/YouTube

All you need to do is to take an egg, put it in a bag to avoid the risk of breaking it, and introduce it into the sleeve of a shirt. Use two elastic bands to secure the egg on both sides, leaving about 10 cm space between the bands.

Grab the sleeve at both ends and spin the shirt in the air as if it were a windmill. From time to time pull down the sleeve end. This process will scramble the contents of the egg into a uniform texture, which can be seen easily if you light through the egg with a flashlight.

After you’re done spinning the eggs, cook them and then soak them in cold water so they can be peeled easily. When peeling the eggs, you will be surprised to see that they are a uniform yellow. You can prepare some unique snacks using these golden eggs. Enjoy your meal!