Make Energy Drink at Home – 2 Amazing and Easy Recipe

We may start feeling a bit more tired and down in the dumps than usual now that cold, grey weather has arrived. Let’s do something about it! If we are tired of drinking tea, we should make an energy drink. It is fast, delicious, filling and restores our vitality.

Homemade pear, cinnamon and lemon energy drink

Pear, cinnamon and lemon energy drink


  • pears,
  • cinnamon,
  • lemon

Cut as many pears into pieces as you like. Put the pieces into a pan, add water, spice it with cinnamon and cook the pears. Blend the cooked pears, add some lemon juice, cool it and enjoy it. Both pears and lemon are full of vitamin C, whereas cinnamon is an excellent mood enhancer and energizer.

Homemade Apples, Spinach, Cinnamon energy drink

Apples, Spinach, Peppers, Cinnamon energy drink


  • 100 g spinach,
  • 200-250 g apples,
  • 1 large pepper,
  • two pinches of cinnamon

Procedure: Lightly steam all ingredients, blend them together and cool the mixture down before serving. If the mixture is too thick, add some noncarbonated mineral water. This energy drink is excellent in the fall, because both spinach and peppers contain a large amount of vitamin B, thus alleviating bad moods.