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How its Made waxations hand carved candles

Have you ever wondered what is the process of creating these extremely beautiful candles? Their appearance shows exactly the amount of care and toil involved in making them.

How its Made waxations hand carved candles
Photo: YouTube

It all starts with a quantity of molten wax poured into a mold to make the core of the candle. In the following, this core is dipped into cells containing molten paraffin of different colors 45-50 times so as to add several layers of color.

As soon as the dipping is completed, the sculpting of the candle begins. The artist uses a very sharp knife and another special tool to cut dents into the surface of the candle. The cuts look like leaves and later on they are modeled according to the imagination of the artist. The candle needs to be finished while still soft, as paraffin becomes brittle as soon as it cools. The artist has about 10 minutes to sculpt the candle.

To receive that special shiny coat, the candle is finally into a transparent lacquer. At the end of the procedure, the candle will look as if it were made of porcelain. After drying, the candles are packed with great care into elegant boxes. No doubt everybody will appreciate such a unique gift.