It looks like any other car, but it has an extremely useful feature

William Liddiard is a Canadian researcher who invented car wheels that can roll both diagonally and sideways. This is a new concept of omnidirectional wheels at a very operative level. For a car which is equipped with such wheels, it won’t be a problem to park in the tightest parking spot. It can move in every direction and it can also make a 360° rotation.

The process of building this wheel system is the result of long and tenacious work. The inventor experimented with a lot of materials until he obtained the final result. For the first time, he put these wheels on his own car, and the result was remarkable.

This wheel system was designed to work regardless of the weather and road conditions. They are stronger and faster, and can be controlled with more precision than previous models, and the tires are mounted the same way as regular ones.

With such a system, we can move our car in every direction as necessary. The inventor declares that these are the first omnidirectional wheels that can be mounted on any car. Liddiard is now looking for a company that is willing to start the mass production and the selling of this innovation in many countries.

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