Looking for new forms of art? This artist creates masterpieces using toothpaste!

Ever since he had started to create artworks as a five year old, Mexican artist Cristian Ramos has been fascinated by using non-traditional materials to paint portraits and landscapes, candy and old boxes.

Nowadays, at the age of 34, the artist lives in Orlando, Florida, and he is best known for his portraits. He creates amazing pictures thanks to the minute details.

The pictures are large in size and they are made up of multiple layers; this technique aids Ramos in creating amazing pictures.

He uses his fingers to apply the medium, but for very minute details he uses a brush. Toothpaste is very sticky and it dries fast, which means that the artist has to work fast.

It takes about 200 hours and 30 tubes of toothpaste to complete a painting.

In the video recording, Ramos is working on his most recent order, a portrait of the regretted Robin Williams.

He intends to sell the painting at an auction and donate the proceedings to an organization that supports persons who suffer from depression.

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