This little girl runs to hug her brother every day. Cutest VIDEO of the day!

A brother can be a blessing for a child! Their relationship may be getting even better as the siblings grow, and an older brother can always be a pillar of support for the younger sibling.

The wonderful relationship between the brother and the sister featured in the video moved us deeply. Every day, the little blonde girl waits for her brother to return from school. As already this became a ritual, she never misses the time the school bus stops in front of their house, as she knows that this special vehicle brings her the best gift – her little brother.

To welcome him, every time she runs towards his brother who is gingerly descending the stairs of the bus, hugs him with all her strength, and her affectionate gesture is returned by the boy.

Even on rainy days, the little one doesn’t allow herself convinced by her mother to wait for her brother in the house. Instead, she runs into the driveway in front of the house to jump into his arms. On the face of the boy one can also read the love and devotion for his sister.

The scene where the boy consoles his sister tactfully no longer needs words. In the arms of his brother, the little girl finds the care and protection she needs. The relationship of the two is really special!

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