A little chlorophyll cocktail, anyone?

When greens are widely available, you can make a healthy chlorophyll and magnesium cocktail to boost your energy.


Source: erdokostolo.blogspot.com

Greens growing wildly in gardens and meadows are an excellent choice for this cocktail. You can use a lot of sorrel leaves and some sweet apples to balance the sour taste of the sorrels. Besides these two ingredients, you may add young chickweed, dandelion, buttercup, milfoil and plantain leaves, before the flowering period begins; however, don’t use too much, as these leaves tend to have a slightly bitter taste. Also, you may throw in some nettle shoots and burnet leaves. Flavor the cocktail with a few mint leaves, and add some water too.

What should be the ratio of the various greens you use? There are no strict rules; just go with the taste you like. If you have some acacia, elder flower or mint syrup, add some of it too, and enjoy.

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