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Josh Daniel singing in X-Factor for his friend, who died two years ago!

Josh Daniel, a mechanic aged 21, chose to participate in X-Factor and sing the song “Jealous” by the British singer Labrinth in order to pay homage to his best friend who died two years ago. Because of their very close friendship, the shock was terrible for Josh when he was asked to go to the hospital to be alongside his friend during his last moments.

Josh Daniel singing for his friend in X-Factor
Photo: Capture YouTube

Josh says that he has chosen the song because it matches his feelings perfectly: “I’m jealous that you’re happy without me.” He explains that he finds it painful that his friend is happy in heaven without him by his side.

When he confesses why he came to sing in the X-Factor, the entire audience becomes quiet. And, from the very first notes, Josh manages to impress them with his wonderful voice. His interpretation is so heartfelt that he has a great impact on all those who hear him, and many eyes fill up with tears. Even the iron man of the show, Simon Cowell, is overwhelmed by this amazing and dramatic moment.

Josh receives a standing ovation from the audience, and, for the first time, the members of the jury can’t find the words to appraise his performance. Cheryl Cole managed to keep her tears back while she was listening to the song, but when she has to say a few words to Josh, she bursts into tears, and characterizes the interpretation as the most profound of all auditions she has ever judged.

Josh received three votes in his favor, so he will go to the next stage of the competition. His love for his friend and his suffering certainly managed to lead him to taking a crucial step in his life.