It may look like an ordinary cake, but wait till you cut it in half

Everybody loves special birthday cakes, and the supply and ingenuity invested into them seem limitless nowadays. Every time when we think that a cake is the best ever possible, somebody shows up with a much more impressive idea.

The following cake is a two-in-one creation: it is a cake and a surprise at the same time. It’s definitely worth trying to make it, as it will be a guaranteed success: who would expect to cut a cake in half, and have a cascade of colorful sweets pour out from it? Whether the birthday person is a child or an adult, he or she will surely enjoy the mass of the colorful M&Ms.

The cake contains a little too much sugar, but once a year everybody can handle some extra sweetness.

You will need a traditional, large size chocolate cake, which you will slice lengthwise several times and cut a round hole into the middle of the slices. Then, you will fill the resulting hole with colorful candy, and decorate the cake with colorful frosting.

Considering how cool the cake looks, it is very easy to make; all you need to do is follow the instructions in the video.

It may look like an ordinary cake, but wait till you cut it in half

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