An interesting technique to make a perfect knot on a tie

As we all know, a tie is an accessory that gives more prestige to a man’s outfit. You often need to look sharp in the office, at a restaurant or at a party, and you may find a little demanding to wear an impeccable suit accompanied by a tie with a fine and elegant knot. What do you do if you have not yet mastered how to tie it? By watching this video, you will learn how to solve this little problem.


The process is very simple. Lay the tie on a table and make two loops at the two ends in opposite directions; the ends of the tie should face each other as a result.

Take the loop at the narrow end of the tie and insert it into the loop at the other end. Now you have two overlapping loops; pull the narrow end of the tie through the loops.

With a little skill, you can smooth the knot on the back so when you turn the tie the right side out, the knot will look flawless. The technique may seem a little unusual, but the result is quite amazing. After a few attempts, you will surely succeed to make a perfect knot.

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