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Interesting Facts about Lemon

Many of us wouldn’t think that lemon, used mainly to flavor tea, is a multi-use and excellent fruit that cures many diseases. This time, we’ll reveal some of its secrets.

Lemon originates from North India, and it was already well respected by the ancient Romans. This people discovered its powerful detoxifying effects, and came to believe that it was an effective antidote against all kinds of poisons, including snake venom.

Lemon is an excellent vitamin C source, and it is vitally important in fighting infections, speeding up recovery from various illnesses. It also contains vitamins A and B as well as bioflavonoids, the latter being powerful antioxidants that slow down biological aging.

Pectin found in lemon lowers cholesterol levels, and protects arteries from atherosclerosis.

Consumed in the morning, lemonade made with hot water has a powerful cleansing effect. Lemon juice enhances the secretion of bile from the liver, and helps digesting fats. If we drink it with some added olive oil, it helps diluting gallstones.

Interesting Facts about Lemon

Lemon is an excellent antidote against hangover. Against common cold, catarrh and paranasal sinusitis, we should use hot water mixed with honey and three wedges of lemon.

Lemon has a diuretic effect, that is, it fights against water retention and speeds up the removal of toxins through the kidneys and the bladder.

It also cures infections of the digestive system, and can be useful in treating diarrhea. It also helps the removal of toxins from the body.