A very ingenious method for folding t-shirts that will save you a lot of time and trouble

Do you hate if you can’t find a particular piece of clothing in your wardrobe when you need it? This folding method will make your life much easier.

You need to leave in five minutes, and you still can’t decide what you would like to wear. You are scrambling and getting nervous, and complain that you have nothing to wear. If you find this situation much too familiar, try using the technique presented in the video to organize your clothes.

Being organized is the secret of getting dressed fast. The folding plastic sheet shown in the video is a very ingenious invention. All you need to do is to spread your T-shirts on the sheet and start folding.

First fold one side, then the other one; next, fold over the sleeves and the bottom part, and finally fold the whole t-shirt in half. The whole procedure takes less than a minute, and it is very efficient, as it helps you store your clothes in a way that they will stay in the same position and place where you put them – if you remove one item, the rest won’t collapse like a house of cards.

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