Incredible facts about left-handed people you didn’t know

The reasons why some people are born left-handed have not been fully discovered yet. So far, a complex combination between genes and environmental factors are considered to be the main cause for the tendency of some people to use their left hand predominantly.

Other theories consider that there is a relationship between the more active parts of the brain and the arm used predominantly to perform fine motor activities.

An Australian study from 2006 has proven that left-handed people think faster and also react to stimuli faster. Left-handed people tend to win competitions 10-15% more than right-handed people. Also, they have more pronounced talents for painting, and there is a higher probability of recovering the ability to speak after a serious accident.

On the other hand, left-handed people don’t have a high capacity for spatial thinking, they are more predisposed to psychological and digestive illnesses, feel fear more intensely and don’t understand mathematics as well as most right-handed people.

Did you know?

Only 15% of the world’s population is left-handed.

There are twice as many left-handed women than men.

20% of Mensa members are left-handed.

The majority of left-handed persons have excellent musical abilities and a perfect pitch.

40% of the boxing champions are left-handed.

According to statistics, 26% of left-handed people with higher education are richer than right-handed people with the same level of education.

If both parents are left-handed, the chance for their children to become left-handed is 50%.

Female cats are “right-handed”, whereas males are “left-handed”.

Due to the fact that left-handed people respond to a higher number of stimulants, they can be much better at playing video games.

The older a mother is, the higher the probability is that she will give birth to a left-handed child.

Left-handed persons reach the age of puberty 4–5 months earlier than right-handed persons.

Only 50% of left-handed persons use the computer mouse with their left hands. In fact, they use their right hand more than right-handed people use their left hands.

Four out of five persons who have developed the MacBook are left-handed.

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