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Incredible facts about left-handed people you didn’t know

The reasons why some people are born left-handed have not been fully discovered yet. So far, a complex combination between genes and environmental factors are considered to be the main cause for the tendency of some people to use their left hand predominantly.

Photo by Alejandro Escamilla/Unsplash

Other theories consider that there is a relationship between the more active parts of the brain and the arm used predominantly to perform fine motor activities.

An Australian study from 2006 has proven that left-handed people think faster and also react to stimuli faster. Left-handed people tend to win competitions 10-15% more than right-handed people. Also, they have more pronounced talents for painting, and there is a higher probability of recovering the ability to speak after a serious accident.

On the other hand, left-handed people don’t have a high capacity for spatial thinking, they are more predisposed to psychological and digestive illnesses, feel fear more intensely and don’t understand mathematics as well as most right-handed people.

Did you know?

Only 15% of the world’s population is left-handed.

There are twice as many left-handed women than men.

20% of Mensa members are left-handed.

The majority of left-handed persons have excellent musical abilities and a perfect pitch.

40% of the boxing champions are left-handed.

According to statistics, 26% of left-handed people with higher education are richer than right-handed people with the same level of education.

If both parents are left-handed, the chance for their children to become left-handed is 50%.

Female cats are “right-handed”, whereas males are “left-handed”.

Due to the fact that left-handed people respond to a higher number of stimulants, they can be much better at playing video games.

The older a mother is, the higher the probability is that she will give birth to a left-handed child.

Left-handed persons reach the age of puberty 4–5 months earlier than right-handed persons.

Only 50% of left-handed persons use the computer mouse with their left hands. In fact, they use their right hand more than right-handed people use their left hands.

Four out of five persons who have developed the MacBook are left-handed.