If you are tired of cable clutter and disorder, you should see this trick. Genial!

Technology nowadays comes with a lot of cables which always get tangled either because they are too long or because there isn’t a special space reserved for them to keep them in order. There is a great trick, though, to organize cables effectively.

How many times has cable clutter given you headaches? The video presents a solution to how to organize cables by interweaving them in a way that will prevent them from getting tangled.

The procedure is extremely simple and handy. First grab a cable at both ends, and bend it exactly in half. Make a loop in the middle, and pull the two ends through the loop, thus creating another, identical loop. Continue in this way until you reach the end of the cable. The procedure is, of course, reversible.

The length of the ends can be adjusted to the necessary size so they can easily fit behind your TV or computer. The idea is incredibly simple and its implementation saves us from unpleasant sights and tangled cable messes.

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