Huge Bike Traffic above the Road in Holland

As oil deposits are depleted and the cost of gasoline is skyrocketing, there is a worldwide tendency of growing bicycle traffic. The number of those who choose cycling is reaching a critical mass in many places; therefore, it becomes unavoidable to take their needs into consideration as well.


This fact is especially true in Holland, the Mecca of cyclists. Dutch specialists come out with one innovative idea after the other for cyclists, ranging from super fast and wide bike paths to automatized bike parking lots. One of the most interesting innovations is the Hovenring bike roundabout, opened to the public in 2012. An interesting fact about the contraption is that it seems to hover over a multiple-lane highway intersection. This way, it offers cyclists a sort of a circular bridge that permits fast and safe crossing of the busy junction.

The name itself refers to the circular structure and the location of the edifice, as this high-perched roundabout is located close to the towns of Eindhoven, Veldhoven and Meerhoven. The company, IPV Delft, which was responsible for planning and executing the road, created a very interesting structure from an architectural point of view as well.

The centre of Hovenring is occupied by a 70 meter tall pillar, from which 24 cables are hanged to hold the contraption, thus making the necessary number of pillars under the roundabout minimal. Thanks to this solution, the 72-meter diameter Hovenring seems more like a flying saucer if seen from a distance, especially when the night lights are on.

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