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How to wash your hands correctly

The number of persons who have died in the flu epidemic is growing, and experts constantly argue that being proactive is the best way to prevent respiratory diseases. The most important factors in combating most diseases are vitamin-rich nutrition, regular exercise, avoiding crowded places and washing hands often.

How to wash your hands correctly

Consumer Reports examined the issue of hand washing to collect useful ideas and help people learn more about this important step in disease prevention. Tom Talbot epidemiologist believes that many people are not aware of how many viruses and bacteria are lurking on surfaces they come in contact with daily. If we touch a virus-infected object, and then we bring our hands to our mouth, eyes or nose, there is a high chance that we will get sick. However, this could be prevented by hand washing.

“After using the bathroom, before meals, or when your hands are dirty, you should wash your hands every time,” advises Janet Haas, an epidemiologist. She adds that after using public transport or contact with raw meat it is also recommended to wash hands thoroughly. Children should also be prompted to wash their hands after playing outside or handing animals.

Those persons who suffer from respiratory infections, rhinitis, or flu are recommended to wash their hands more often, as when coughing and sneezing bacteria get onto a sick person’s hands and they may infect others.

How to wash your hands correctly

Natural products are the most suitable for hand washing, but traditional soap and water are also effective. In situations when no water is available, it is advisable to use 60 percent alcohol hand disinfectant; however, these are not effective against all types of bacteria. As about how to wash your hands, the video below gives the answer.