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How to turn an old table into a great couch for your dog

Dog owners know that their pets love using the same armchairs or couches that their masters prefer to take a nap in. Of course, nowadays lots of types of pets furniture is available, so dogs can feel comfortable, and this way they may not be so tempted to occupy spaces reserved for humans.

Source: Capture YouTube
Source: Capture YouTube

If you can’t afford to buy such special furniture, you will find a very genuine solution in the video. The furniture used to be a small coffee table, but it has been made into a wonderful, customized dog bed.

As a first step, turn the table upside down. Then take out the drawer and the drawer frame as well. The drawer will go back eventually, but upside down. Find a piece of wood to make the bed level, screw it onto the table, cut out the pieces of wood necessary for the frame, and glue or screw them on.

After that, you can start thinking about how to paint the new furniture, but first you should use sandpaper to smooth down the surfaces. You can use traditional or spray paint as well. Now all you need to add is decoration and a comfortable mattress.