How to travel with BICYCLE at winter?

There are many misconceptions about biking in the winter, or whether it’s a good idea to do it. We now disclose a recret: yes, it’s a very good idea!


You can bike in any type of clothing – there is no need for any special gear. However, dress in layers, protect your knees and hands, and always have raingear with you if rain bothers you. Those who use a bike for everyday commuting, cycle an average of 3-5 km per day anyway.

Some other reasons why to use a bike:

– you don’t stand freezing in bus stations
– your feet don’t touch the ground; therefore you can wear shoes with thinner soles, and they won’t become wet, muddy or full of snow.
– since you warm up during pedaling, you don’t necessarily have to wear a sweater under your jacket.


Here ‘s some good advice for you :

– always be as visible as possible in poor light conditions: lamps and reflective surfaces work miraculously well
– have good quality fenders both in the front and back
– regularly check moving parts
– when the road is slippery, lower tire pressure; lower your seat a bit as well
– ride carefully and think ahead as braking distance may be longer
– slow down when turning
– avoid riding on ice or deep snow, as your wheels may slip
– ride a bit slower than usual so your throat doesn’t chill out due to more rapid breaths
– dress in layers; more thin layers are better than a few thick ones
– riding warms you up; don’t dress too warm
– if you are cold, pedal continuously
– protect your knee joints, so they last until you are in your seventies or eighties; you don’t want to stop biking earlier than that. There are special knee protectors you can buy
– wear a rain poncho or waterproof jacket when it’s snowing
– wear bike- or ski goggles to protect your eyes from cold winds

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