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How to save your cell phone from water damage

If water or some other liquid has gotten onto your phone or tablet, or if the device has been submerged accidentally into water, there is a chance you can save it from an early demise if you act fast and smart.

Fotó: Flickr.com
Fotó: Flickr.com

Here are the steps that will help you restore your multimedia device to proper functioning:

1. Take it out immediately from the water and turn the Power button off.
2. Immediately remove the front and back panel if you can, and take out the battery too.
3. Wipe the panels and the interior of the phone with a highly absorbent cloth; make sure you don’t scratch the surfaces.
4. Shake the phone gently to remove as much moisture as you can, and wipe it again.
5. Place all parts of the device into a plastic bag filled with silica beads (also called silica gel, the kind you can find in shoe boxes) to absorb moisture. If you can’t find any silica around, you may try to use rice.
6. Tie or tape the bag tightly to prevent air from getting in.
7. Leave your device in the bag for 72 hours.
8. Take it out and verify if there is any moisture left.
9. If you find that the device is perfectly dry, you may reassemble it.
10. Start your device only if you are sure that it is completely dry. If the tiniest amount of moisture remains inside, turning it on will cause greater harm.

The above solution doesn’t have a 100% success rate, but it is recommended to try it nevertheless. If the method fails, ask for the help of a professional, as it is possible that the inner circuits of the device have become damaged.