How to save space in your closet with the aid of pull tabs

All it takes is a little ingenuity to recycle and use an object, large or small, for a new purpose. The video below is an example of such ingenuity, showing that small objects such as pull tabs removed from the top of beverage cans can help saving precious storage space in a crowded closet.


After you enjoy a pop or a beer, you usually throw away the entire can, tab and all. From now on, you should collect them for a very good purpose. In many homes, closets are full of hangers with multiple clothes on them. With the aid of several pull tabs, you can double or perhaps even triple the number of hangers in your closet.

To each ring, you can attach another hanger; this way, you will instantly end up with twice the number of the hangers you can fit in your closet – which means, of course, that you can hang up twice as many clothes. As you see, this is a very simple and handy solution to use closet space more efficiently; you may even ask yourself, how come you haven’t thought of it until now.  

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