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How to remove a tick the most efficient way

In the spring, when nature awakens, some very unpleasant insects make their appearance too. One of these annoying insects is the tick. Ticks are especially active in April.

How to remove a tick the most efficient way
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It is not only possible to get tick bites when one walks across a pasture or a meadow. Ticks can be brought in the house in the hair or skin of our pets from the street as well, and these insects can even lurk in a bouquet of flowers.

Ticks carry encephalitis, a very dangerous virus. The majority of animals that get infected with encephalitis have no symptoms, but humans are greatly affected by this illness. In case of infection with the encephalitis virus the central nervous system is affected and one can even get paralyzed.

If you notice that a tick has inserted itself into your skin, you must see a doctor immediately. If this is not possible, however, you can use a syringe without a needle to remove the tick from your skin. Watch the video to learn how to remove the tick.

In the case presented, the tick has been under the skin for quite a long time, so a special tool is used to remove it. If you have noticed the tick within one or two days after the bite, you will have all the chances to remove it with the aid of the syringe.

When you go out, don’t forget to dress appropriately, so ticks can’t get underneath your clothes easily.