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How to make vitamin C at home from a single ingredient

Vitamin C is very important for the optimal functioning of the body. It is one of the most important vitamins, which we need every single day.

Most vitamin C products sold in pharmacies are prepared from ascorbic acid, which is in fact one of the side products of sugar manufacturing, and in fact it prevents the optimal functioning of the immune system instead of helping it.

Instead of buying such products, you should look for organic oranges. These have a huge amount of vitamin C even in their peels.

The benefits of orange peels

There are about 60 µg of flavonoids and 70 µg of phytonutrients in a medium sized orange.

Orange peels improve digestion, and help reduce puffing, acid reflux and excess stomach acid.

The peels help the optimal functioning of the lungs, and they also have a beneficial effect on airways, they soothe coughing and are helpful for persons who suffer from asthma.

They contain antibacterial and soothing active ingredients, and their essential oil helps the liver to eliminate toxins.

How to make natural vitamin C

Making natural vitamin C is simple and cheap, as you only have to pay for the oranges.

Peel the oranges and cut the peels into thin strips. Dry the peels at room temperature until they harden – usually this will take a few days. When the peels are completely dry and hard, crush them in a coffee grinder, and your natural vitamin C is ready.

Take a teaspoon a day from the vitamin powder, or add it to smoothies. This amount will provide the daily necessary amount of vitamin C. Store the powder in a tightly closing glass jar.

It is very important to use only organic oranges, as most fruits sold in regular stores are unfit for this purpose because they have been treated with chemicals.