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How to lose weight depending on body shape and where the fat is stored

The areas on your body with the largest amount of fat tell a lot about your health, and also indicate how you can get rid of fat. Scientists have discovered six types of obesity caused by different factors.

Identify your group and find out what you need to do. Sometimes small changes make all the difference.

1. Obesity caused by diet

This type of obesity is the most common in the world, and it is generated by excess carbohydrates. To solve this problem, you need to modify your diet and do 30 minutes of exercise a day.

2. Obesity caused by “nervous stomach”

This type of obesity is caused by stress or depression. People with these health problems tend to consume a lot of sweets. It is important to try to control your fears through physical activities that relieve stress.

3. Obesity caused by gluten

This is especially present in women, either during adolescence or menopause, or if a hormonal disorder is present. It is crucial to avoid long periods of sitting, smoking and alcohol consumption, and to do weight lifting exercises.

4. Atherogenic metabolic obesity

People who have a bulging stomach have all the fat deposited in this area of ​​their body. Generally, these people consume alcohol or suffer from respiratory problems.

5. Obesity caused by venous circulation

This type of obesity is usually a genetic disease. It occurs during pregnancy and in people who have the tendency to have their feet swollen. The solution is either to jog or to climb stairs.

6. Obesity caused by lack of activity

This type of obesity affects those parts of the body that have been the most active in the past. The key to eliminating this type of fat is to have regular and frequent meals so that the metabolism can speed up and burn fat quickly.