How to knit with your fingers instead of a pair of needles

During the gray, foggy, cold winter days it feels the best to stay at home, enjoy the warmth of a stove or a fireplace and find something useful to do. For example, you can knit something that will protect your head, neck and hands from the outside cold.

The video below presents needle-less knitting. All you need is some soft yarn, a pair of scissors and your fingers.
In the video, the woman uses her left hand to support the yarn. She places the yarn underneath her thumb and presses it down, and then wraps the yarn around her fingers repeatedly. As a result, she will have two loops on each of her fingers. Next, the lower row of loops need to be lifted over the fingers and then pushed towards the palms. As a result, now only one loop should be on each finger.

The next step is to pull the yarn along the middle finger from above, pull it from below along the ring finger and then from above again along the pinky. Repeat the whole procedure until you have two loops on each finger. At that point, take the lower loops again and pull them through. As soon as you become familiar with the steps, all you need to do is keep knitting new rows. If you turn your hand, you will start seeing the pattern.

Finishing off the piece is also very simple. When you reach the desired length, simply move the loop from your index finger onto your middle finger and then pull the loop from your middle finger through it, move the latter loop onto your ring finger, and so on. When you have moved the loop from your ring finger onto your pinky, cut off the end of the yarn and push the end through the last loop to close the knitting.

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