How to create heart-shaped braids – VIDEO

Even though at the first sight it seems rather difficult to do, this braiding style doesn’t need much effort.


The video below will teach you step-by-step how to make a heart-shaped braid. What you need to do is to pay close attention to the way the little girl’s hair is parted at the back of her head. The tresses need to be of equal size and number for the heart-shape to turn out perfect.

The technique of this braiding style is rather simple, and it mostly requires dexterity and skill similar to the mother’s – you can follow as she is braiding the tresses of her daughter, finishing both braids in a pigtail. These can be united with a tress from the middle, which is twisted just like the other tresses on the sides.

Any little girl with long hair will have her mom trying to find the most practical and yet esthetic hairdo, and as long as the mother does it with skill, creativity, originality and most of all with lots of love, the results will be impressive for sure.

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