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Homemade Facial Scrub Recipes

It’s important to apply proper skin peeling in every season, but it’s not necessary to visit expensive beauty salons or search for hours on store shelves to find a suitable facial scrub. In fact, these can be prepared right in our kitchen.



It’s worth adding sugar to our facial scrub, not only to the morning tea or coffee. All we have to do is mix a spoonful of sugar with olive oil, for example. If we don’t have a suitable kind of oil, we can make a paste using lemon juice and honey, and then massage it over our face.


It may sound a little strange, but salt can also be a very good base for a homemade facial scrub. The other ingredients are the same as for the previous category, with sugar as a base. Oil, in both cases, can be substituted with water. If we make an oversaturated solution, we don’t have to fear that the ingredients melt before getting on our face.

Coffee grounds

Coffee grounds make an excellent scrub. All we need to add is some lemon juice, and we can spread it over our skin. If we use a rubbing glove, the result will be even better. We can add a few drops of oil, especially if we use the scrub during a bath or a shower; this way, the oily misturecan be washed off fast.

Wheat bran

Wheat bran can also be used if mixed with yogurt, and perhaps with a few drops of honey – the result is a really nutritious scrub. We can leave the mixture on the skin for a short while in order to allow the minerals be absorbed in the skin. This way, our face becomes much softer.


Yeast mixed with some milk or water is another very effective facial scrub; what’s more, yeast it also works as an anti-acne mask.