Homeless are humans, too

Rosie Holtom designer, artistic leader, animator and photographer worked as a volunteer at the Shelter from the Storm for the homeless in London for a long while. It is no wonder that time spent at this place had a great impact on her, mostly in realizing that, contrary to prejudices, homeless are no different from other people. This is the main idea she would like to prove to the world with her suggestive black-and-white photo series.

rosie holtom01

It takes only a little attention and care (and also, a little makeup and some nice clothes for the sake of the photos), and nobody could tell that the people featured in the photos are homeless. Because we know the background story, we may discover the wrinkles and the circles around the eyes, the telltale signs of a life full of distress and difficulties, but most of the time we only see some average, vital, often smiling, happy people in these photos.

rosie holtom02

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