His paintings look like daubery until he makes a little change and awes everybody

D. Westry is an artist who paints using an unusual technique – his pieces of art are not very impressive to the viewer until they are turned upside down. It takes a special talent to be able to paint this way, and judging by how the onlookers reacted to the finished work, D. Westry knows perfectly well how to please his audience.

Anderson Cooper, one of the most respected journalists at the television channel CNN was the host of “Anderson’s Viewers Got Talent”, to which he invited the artist D. Westry, famous for his amazingly fast painting technique.

The painter first tells everyone that he is about to make a drawing in a minute and a half. Both the public and the jury are distrustful of his success, especially since he started drawing strokes on canvas that don’t make any sense in their eyes.

Each member of the jury gives their opinion about what the artist is painting, leaning to one side or another, hoping they can discern something that makes sense, but all is in vain. Nothing seems to offer them a clue as to what the end result will be.

The host alerts the artist about the passage of time, but he does not seem to have any problem with that. He is sure he will complete the painting on time, and he is correct: during the last few seconds of his allotted time the work is finished. There is only one trick left to do: to turn the picture upside down.

At this moment it turns out that the picture depicts, very clearly, the only man in the jury – Anderson Cooper. The whole crowd becomes awestruck, and they frantically applaud the creation of D. Westry.

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