Here’s a real life lesson: she refused his invitation, but a simple gesture made her change her mind

A young woman received a life lesson she will not easily forget. While waiting for a group of friends, she was approached by an unknown young man. Not knowing that she was filmed, the girl behaved in a way that resulted in a very memorable lesson.

Increasingly more young people record social experiments which are intended to highlight how people behave in certain unexpected situations. On RiskyRobTV, a YouTube channel, a video was published that has already attracted over 7 million views.

The youngster in the video wanted to capture how girls react when they receive an invitation from a man who gives the impression of being well-off. The young man chooses to approach a girl and invites her to have coffee with him – but nothing in his appearance gives the impression of a wealthy person.

He is promptly refused and turns around disappointed, but purposefully drops his bag from which a lot of banknotes fall onto the sidewalk. At this point the girl seems to suddenly have changed her mind about the stranger. She accepts the invitation and the two go together to a terrace of a cafeteria.

To give a lesson to the young woman, the man chooses to abandon her at the table and allow her to pay their bill. How does she react when she realizes that she has been tricked? Watch the end of the story in the video below.



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