How to help your child grow into a happy and confident adult: 5 rules for parents

Education offered by parents during their children’s first years of life is much more important than things they learn at school, as far as the development of their personality is concerned. The family environment where children develop and the way their skills and abilities are stimulated are crucial aspects in the formation of a strong and balanced character.

1. Show them that you love them

The proofs of affection that you show your children are indispensable, as they offer them a sense of security and help them stay in a calm mindset during the day. Neglected children whose parents don’t show their affection are at risk of developing chronic stress later in life, which affects their emotional development and abilities for concentration and memorizing. Forget about the rule of our grandparents who said that you should only kiss your child when she or he is asleep, so you don’t spoil them. Happy children are those children who feel loved at all times.

2. Teach them the language of feelings

Children can be taught the best ways to express their feelings and wishes, depending on the situation. Self-control is the most difficult, but also the most valuable component of emotional development. It is produced as a result of loving interaction with the persons who are the children’s role models.

3. Appreciate his or her efforts

In a study conducted by Carol Dweck, a professor of psychology at the University of Stanford, it has been shown that parents should praise their children for their efforts to carry through a task instead of telling them that they are smart or talented. Praise for the sake of praise makes children believe that they can be successful in any situation without much effort. Those persons who rely only on their abilities or talent in solving problems are usually unsuccessful when they encounter new problems that they need to solve, whereas those who are taught to look for solutions and work for reaching their goals can attain better results. For example, those students who have the best results are not motivated to learn in order to obtain high marks, but simply because they want to discover new things.

4. Teach them to be able to say no

Teach your child that in certain situations any person has the right to express their opinions.

5. Play with your child

Play with your children so they can learn, relax and connect with you, and so they can process changes or difficult experiences. Through play, you will be able to discover the favorite activities of your child as well as his or her interests, favorite color and things that make them happy or sad. You can enjoy these happy moments, and your children will remember these for sure in their adulthood.

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