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The health hazards of an espresso coffee maker with coffee capsules

If you own an espresso coffee maker that uses concentrated coffee capsules, it is best to give it up permanently.

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Dear instant coffee lovers, here’s what you should know about such systems:

It may contain mold and bacteria

If you have ever tried to empty all water from the appliance, it’s no wonder that you failed: the design does not allow that! A spokesman for Keurig, a coffee maker manufacturer said that once the tank of such coffee machines is filled, you can’t ever remove all the water inside. The internal tanks can’t be emptied in any way.

This inconvenience allows bacterial growth and mold to build in the tank, as humidity, lack of light and heat creates perfect conditions for microbial growth.

Of course hot water kills bacteria; unfortunately, however, the water temperature is not sufficiently high to disinfect the machine during use. For this, the water should reach and maintain boiling point for at least a minute.

New generations of capsule coffee machines are provided with a removable tank, so if you have a newer model, you’re more protected from these dangers. Otherwise, you risk being exposed daily to contamination with microbes.

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Coffee capsules contain hazardous chemicals

Here we have some good news and bad news. The good news is that the material plastic coffee capsules are made of doesn’t contain BPA. However, the bad news is that the plastic composite contains other hazardous chemicals with estrogenic properties that may cause hormonal disorders. Moreover, the aluminum foil that the capsules are sealed with is toxic.

Also, don’t forget that these capsules are not recyclable. Currently, it is estimated that more than 8.3 billion such containers gather in landfills annually, which is enough to place them side by side all around the earth 10 times!

There are harmless and healthy ways to make great coffee, the most recommended way obviously being to boil the coffee in a pot. It is true that this takes more time, but in the end, all using the classic method is the most ecological.

The video below shows other ways to enjoy a good coffee without exposing yourself to danger.