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How to heal cavities using eggshells

Eggshells are considered useless and they are usually thrown away; however, did you know that they have amazing properties? See how you can use them to treat tooth decay naturally and to strengthen your bones.

Source: Flickr.com
Source: Flickr.com

Researchers have spent years studying the properties of eggshells and their effect on the teeth. They found that besides being rich in calcium. Eggshells also contain 27 other minerals in large quantities, all of these being substances necessary for the healing of the teeth. Their composition is very similar to that of teeth and they help the remineralisation of the teeth. Make sure, however, that you only use organic eggs, in order to avoid chemicals or antibiotics that are often given to chickens.

How to prepare egg shells properly

Boil the eggs in water for 5 minutes. This way you will eliminate the pathogens that might be found on the shell. Allow the shells to dry and then turn them into powder using a coffee grinder. For an extra daily dose of calcium, simply take half a teaspoon of powdered eggshells per day. Calcium absorption requires the presence of vitamin D, so sit in the sun as much as it is safe or eat liver often.

How to make toothpaste out of eggshells

If you want to get rid of cavities, prepare your own eggshell toothpaste. You will need a quarter cup of powdered eggshells, 2 tablespoons of coconut oil and a tablespoon of baking soda. You may also add a few drops of peppermint oil. Mix the ingredients in a bowl until you obtain a paste that you can store in a jar. Use this composition to brush your teeth.

The properties of eggshells

Bones and teeth have a composition very similar to that of eggshells. These shells, usually discarded, contain calcium that helps the spinal cord to provide a better hematopoietic function – that is, the formation of blood cellular components. In addition, egg shells contain magnesium, phosphorus, silicon, sodium, potassium, iron, aluminum, sulfur, and other essential minerals.

Eggshells are very beneficial for children because the formation of bone tissue requires large amounts of calcium. If you include eggshells in their diet, you can prevent anemia.