He wants to fold a life size elephant

A Swiss origami enthusiast artist’s latest idea is to use a single giant sheet of paper to make a life size elephant.


Sipho Mabone is currently collecting donations on indiegogo, and he needs 24 thousand dollars to be able to start on the project. His goal is to prove that his art has no limits. If the project is successful, the product is going to be put on display in a Swiss museum.

Sipho is planning to spend two weeks and use three helpers to construct the giant paper animal out of a sheet of special paper. The size of the sheet will be 15×15 meters, and it will weigh about 300-500 grams, a weight 3-5 times heavier than that of ordinary paper.

What the artist will need

acrylic paint
a frame that will hold the 3 m tall elephant upright
a video camera that will broadcast the folding online
a photo camera that will take photos of the whole process for a time-lapse video
three assistant

Sipho’s older projects:




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