He may have only two legs, but his heart is very big

Duncan Lou, the boxer puppy, was born with severely deformed hind legs and pelvic bone. The bones in his legs have fused by the time he was 8 months old, and it wasn’t possible to save them even by surgery. His masters decided to have the puppy’s hind legs amputated, and this way the dog got a chance to have a wonderful new life.


Duncan never allowed himself to be slowed down by his handicap, and he doesn’t even seem to have an idea that he is different in any way from his peers. Now he is 16 weeks old, and, even though he is still undergoing physiotherapy treatment, he is a playful and ever moving and ever happy little animal.

It’s fantastic how much vitality he has; he is very happy and enjoys life to the fullest with his friends and beloved masters.

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