He looked like an average 14 year old boy – Wait until he began to sing!

When the boy appeared on the stage of the talent show, nothing in his appearance announced an impressive performer. But as he started to sing, his warm voice that conveys so much emotion made those who listened to vibrate with him.

Liam McNally, a 14 year old boy from New Moston, United Kingdom, performed with great professionalism in the talent contest “Britain’s Got Talent”, singing Josh Groban’s song “You Raise Me Up”.

His voice is a blessing, and it can reach such high registers that it can be easily confused with the voice of a soprano. Just this interpretation guarantees Liam a successful future career in music. He sings with passion and a lot of emotion.

His parents support him and are by him at all competitions, and also in his preparation. For Liam, music is a true passion, and his parents are proud of him and of each of his shows.

It’s great that there are such talented children and that they are supported to pursue a music career!

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