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Hawthorn tea – the best tea for persons suffering from heart diseases

The thorny hawthorn shrubs can be found in forests, fields and ditches. Hawthorn bushes fill with red berries and turn into wonderful glowing spots of color that brighten up the autumn scenery.

Hawthorn flowers and leaves alike contain many valuable nutrients. The flowers can be collected in May, while the fruits should be picked in late October, when they are completely ripe.

The berries are an outstanding antioxidant, and they also contain pectin, fruit acids, vitamins C and B, glucose and minerals. They have a good effect on the central nervous system, and promote cardiovascular health.

Hawthorn flowers and berries calm the nervous system, regulate blood circulation, decrease blood pressure and increase vascular elasticity. They have a calming effect on the heart and also act as a bronchodilator. Hawthorn berry tea is recommended in cases of infarction, hypertension and various heart diseases. The medicinal effect of tea made from hawthorn flowers is enhanced when mixed with valeriana or chenopodium.

How to prepare a soothing hawthorn tea

Take a spoonful of dried flowers and leaves or berries and add them to 250 ml boiling water. Cover and let stand for twenty minutes, and then sweeten with a little honey.

How to make hawthorn tincture

Soak 25 grams of flowers or fruits in 120 grams of alcohol for 12 days. Filter the tincture and pour it in a well-sealing dark bottle. Take 15 to 20 drops three times a day.

If you struggle with sleep disturbances, drink a cup of hawthorn tea before bedtime.

Heart problems caused by nervous states and agitation will decrease if you mix hawthorn extract and valeriana extract and take 20-30 drops of the mixture three times a day before main meals.