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Ham, cheese and mushroom omelette baked in a muffin pan

As omelette is a very popular food, it’s very useful if you learn a few different omelette recipes. Besides the traditional egg-only omelette, you can try out recipes that also contain ham, cheese, onions, several kinds of vegetables or a number of other ingredients.

Source: Capture YouTube
Source: Capture YouTube

Learn the basic recipe and use your imagination. The video below demonstrates how to bake a very tasty cheese and ham omelette in a muffin pan.

Surprise your family with the perfect breakfast, which everybody will love, regardless of their age. The leftovers can be packed up for snack, as this omelette tastes great even cold. Don’t forget to serve a bunch of radishes on the side, as this spring vegetable goes very well with eggs.

Heat up a few drops of olive oil in a pan and saute a chopped onion. Then add the sliced ham, and fry it for a few minutes. If someone in your family is a vegetarian, replace ham with mushrooms.

Divide the sautéed onion and ham into equal parts and scoop them into the cups of the muffin pan. Beat up as many eggs as many omelettes you want to make, add up to a couple of tablespoons of flour and half a cup of milk, a pinch of salt and a little pepper. Hand whisk the mixture thoroughly. Grate some dry cheese and sprinkle it onto the ham and onion mix, and then pour the eggs into the cups, evenly distributed. Bake the omelettes until they turn golden brown.

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