This grocery store surprises their customers in a unique way

Usually, when we go shopping, we focus on choosing the products on the shelves, and then line up in front of cash registers to pay for them. This is how customers in a supermarket in Germany proceeded, only in this case they had a special musical moment that no one expected.


The sounds produced by barcode readers at cash registers have a special musical quality, and if combined in the right way, the result will be a tune that suits the approaching holiday season. This tune was played at the supermarket cash registers, and the event caught the shoppers completely unaware.

In one corner, a beatbox kept the rhythm and the cashiers started moving different products in front of the cashier readers, playing out the sounds of the song “Jingle Bells”, accompanied by the lights of the cash registers flashing in red and green colors.

Customers were surprised at first, but then they quickly became excited and happy. If until then the keynote of the shop was monotony, now it has changed into fun, joy and optimism. Some shoppers even began to move to the music. The finale was rather explosive, as the flashing of the lights became more rhythmical, just like the applause of those who wished to appreciate this priceless moment.

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