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A giant wave hits the rocky shore of a beach in Puerto Rico

When we expect it the least, nature amazes us with wonderful and spectacular views. The images captured in this clip could catch anyone unawares both by the presence and the beauty of the huge waves attacking the rocky ridge at the edge of the beach.


Nature is wonderful, especially when it shows how powerful it is without causing damage at the same time. This is exactly what happens on a secluded beach in Vega Baja, Puerto Rico. Huge waves crash down on the rocks and produce a visual effect that would keep away anybody who is not accustomed to such a phenomenon. It is fortunate that the rocky bank acts as a barrier to the untamed waves.

This show of Nature is fascinating if you look at it from a distance, but if you are very close to the massive rocks at the edge of the beach, certainly there exist some risks. We can’t decide what is more impressive – to watch the spectacle of the massive waves that are broken down by rocks, or the fact that not a single person on the entire beach seems to be bothered by this event.

If you ever visited this beach, would you brace yourself fearing that a wave could defeat the rocky wall, or would you simply relax, knowing that you are at a safe distance from the ocean? Whatever your attitude would turn out to be, a visit to this beach will delight your eyes and you will certainly remain with the best memories.