Garlic-honey elixir to fight the flu

We can’t guarantee that this elixir will keep vampires away. On the other hand, it has a great potential to repel the attack of viruses responsible for the flu during critical periods.


Honey with garlic is a true elixir. Honey neutralizes the strong odor and taste of garlic and you won’t need to pinch your nostrils when you open up the jar to have a few spoonful of this homemade remedy. In fact, you will find that it tastes delicious.

– 1 cup raw honey
– 3-4 heads garlic
– a tightly closing jar

Separate the garlic heads into cloves. Don’t peel the garlic; remove the papery outer skin only. Fill the jar with the garlic cloves and pour honey over them. With a spoon, move the cloves around in the jar so the bigger air bubbles can escape.

After a while, the honey in the jar will turn darker – the darker the color, the more efficient the elixir will be.

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