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This gardener’s act of kindness will melt your heart

The main characters in this video clip have a priceless relationship without using too many words. A gardener tends the garden in front of the building where a little girl with health problems lives. One day an act of extraordinary kindness happens.


The gardener treats Clara, who watches him every day through the window, with an exceptional kindness, and he becomes a source of inspiration for her drawings of garden flowers and patterns in the sand made with a rake.

One day, when he was going to give the girl a pot with one of his priceless flowers, the gardener is surprised to see an ambulance that carries Clara away to the hospital. The girl’s father invites him into the girl’s room, and the gardener bursts into tears when he sees the walls of the room full of drawings, including a very special one in which Clara drew the gardener himself as an angel. The gardener leaves the flower pot on the girl’s bed along with a note that says “It loves being in the sun.”

Fortunately, after a few weeks, Clara returns home, and finds the flower she received from the gardener. The flower has grown a lot, and now it can be planted outdoors so it’s able to continue the cycle of life.

A small act of kindness can always make a big difference, and this can have a greater effect than we could ever imagine.