The food of the poor that protects the liver, prolongs life and strengthens the muscles

Polenta is becoming more and more popular all around the world because of its health benefits. According to experts, foods made from ground corn regulate the functioning of the stomach and have a rejuvenating effect.

Here are some benefits of polenta:

It protects the health of the stomach and the liver

Corn contains aracin and palmitin acids, which are very important for the healthy functioning of the stomach. They get absorbed easily in the intestines and from there they get into the blood stream and eliminate toxic substances.

Acids found in polenta can neutralize 57 kinds of toxins. Because of its detoxifying effect, polenta helps the functioning of the liver and reduces the risk of developing liver diseases. Consume polenta instead of bread to benefit from its stomach soothing and acid reducing effects.

It prolongs life

According to research, eating polenta daily can reduce diseases of the thyroid gland and the resulting nerve problems by as much as 60%. It also regulates the level of blood sugar and cholesterol, so its consumption is especially recommended for people suffering from diabetes. Polenta also reduces the risk of artetiosclerosis and heart disease.

It strengthens the muscles

According to research performed in Columbia, acids found in corn are very important in strengthening the muscle fibers. Children in Ecuador can boast with the best sports results in the world, and it is known that polenta figures in their diet regularly.

Foods containing corn flour reduce menstrual cramps and other symptoms and are recommended in cases of kidney stones and liver inflammation. Research proves that polenta also increases the activity of ovaries in women over 65 by 9%.


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