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Five foods that whiten teeth

Many of us have asked why our ancestors had healthy teeth without enjoying the benefits of modern tooth care. Nowadays countless tooth maintenance products and whiteners are available, but the secret of a white smile is visiting the dentist regularly and having a healthy diet.

Source: Steven Depolo/Flickr.com
Source: Steven Depolo/Flickr.com

The list below contains five foods which, if eaten regularly, help preserving the whiteness and the health of the teeth:

1. Cheeses and other dairy products protect teeth because of their lactic acid content. At the end of each meal, it is recommended to eat a slice of cheese, as it increases the salivary flux and it has a high amount of calcium, phosphorus and proteins so important for the health of the teeth.

  1.  Apples are among of the most recommended foods to keep teeth clean, due to a high amount of fibres, which act as an abrasive for the teeth. It is recommended to eat an apple at the end of meals, especially when we can’t immediately brush our teeth. Apples remove food particles from the teeth.
  1.  Chocolate, in contraryto what one would expect, can make teeth shinier. However, only dark chocolate with over 70% cocoa content and a reduced amount of sugar has a positive effect on teeth. Cocoa helps preventing the formation of plaque due to its high content of antioxidants.
  1.  Strawberries contain substances that act as astringent, and it has a high content of vitamin C. Astringent substances remove coloration from the surface of the teeth. Besides, strawberries make teeth shinier and they refresh breath.
  1.  Carrots have high fiber content and they are very rich in vitamins and antioxidants. They have to be chewed thoroughly, as they stimulate salivary flux and they maintain a balanced pH level in the mouth. These vegetables should be eaten fresh to clean teeth and make them shiny.

The above foods are not only important for the health of the teeth, but also for the health of the body in general.